Read Carla's journey with Herbalife Nutrition

Hi, my name is Carla. At just 165cm, my weight was up around the 80-82kg mark. I was overweight and it affected my health. With a very busy job and plenty of excuses not to exercise, I had no energy and my diet was not even close to being right.

I started with the Herbalife Nutrition Advanced Program, two meal replacement shakes a day, plus a healthy meal and snacks. I increased my water intake and added in supplements. I had the desire to exercise again and keep fuelling my body in a healthy way. Because of my sporting career in Brazilian Jiujitsu, I have now added in the Herbalife24 Sport Nutrition range.

This has helped me achieve my sporting goals easier such as meeting certain weight divisions, strength and muscle gain, all whilst still maintaining the correct weight for competition.

Herbalife Nutrition has helped me realise that nutrition doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming. The funny thing is I’m now far busier with work and training sessions than I have ever been, I can still fit good nutrition and health into my life, with no more excuses.


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