When it comes to achieving clean and healthy looking skin, following a daily regimen is key, but there are little changes beyond washing your face you can make that you may not have thought of. Here are some tips you can implement for immediate results.

Hands Off Your Face

Every time you touch your face, chances are you’re transmitting dirt, oil and germs onto your skin. So, a hands-off approach is best. This rule also applies to pimples. Try to resist the urge to pop or pick at them, or it could lead to infection.

Change Your Pillowcase

When it comes to keeping your skin clean, changing your pillowcase as frequently as possible is important. When you sleep at night, your hair and skin are in direct contact with your pillowcase. Your natural hair oils, and hair products if you use them, are transferred onto the pillowcase and ultimately end up on your face. Use a clean pillowcase each night, and if frequent laundering isn’t an option, turn them inside out or flip your pillow over to help keep impurities from collecting on your skin.

Clean Your Phone

If your phone is touching your face, there’s a good chance it’s depositing germs onto it. Clean your phone on a daily basis using a spray hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipe. You can also get in the habit of using your speakerphone or headphones to avoid contact.

Clean Your Glasses

If you notice breakouts on your nose, temples or upper cheeks, your eyeglasses could be the culprit. It is best to get in the habit of cleaning your glasses. Wipe down the lenses, arms and nosepiece every day to ensure you’re removing germs, makeup, oils and debris.

Show Your Body Some Love

Breakouts can occur on areas of your body other than your face, including your back and shoulders. To keep the skin on your entire body clean, be sure to wash from head to toe and use a moisturiser. Additionally, after a workout, try to change out of your sweaty clothes immediately, even if you don’t take a shower right away. And always pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Never reach for the family hand towel.