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5 Important Nutrients for Runners

With the competitive nature of the sport, runners continuously challenge themselves and each other to improve. In addition to training, proper fuel for the body is vital for peak sports performance. More..

Caffeine and Athletic Performance

Caffeine is one of the most well-studied ergogenic aids, which are substances that help support athletic performance and physical activity. Many athletes use caffeine to boost performance, especially before working out, training, or playing sports. In general, most people can benefit from taking caffeine before exercise. More..

Melon Shake

Combine Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1, Strawberries, Watermelon, and a low-fat milk to create a delicious Melon Shake drink! More..

Tri Blend Select: The Story of Our First 100% Vegan Protein Shake

Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on labels that promote higher-welfare practices, particularly animal welfare. But when you care as much about climate change and animal welfare as you do about the food that nourishes your body, you’re often forced to compromise on taste and quality. But not with Tri Blend Select. More..

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