Business Opportunity
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Business Opportunity

Why Herbalife? If helping others and making some extra money is something you’d be interested in, then an exciting opportunity with Herbalife awaits. Here are a few reasons to why you should join Herbalife today;

Inspire Others

One of our key values of Herbalife is one-on-one coaching and support that Herbalife Members can provide. You can be the one that helps someone make the first step to a healthy, active life.

Home Sweet Office

As a Herbalife Member you can work from home and set your schedule for what works best for you.

The Herbalife Philosophy

We love partnering to help improve people’s lives and have helped millions of people around the world incorporate convenient and customised nutrition into their routine since 1980

How does it Work?

With hard work and dedication, you have the opportunity to earn money in the following ways:

  1. Retail Income Potential:
    Sell the product to your customers for a retail income of 25-50% if you sell at the recommended retail price.
  2. Wholesale Income Potential:
    Starting at the Senior Consultant level, you can earn wholesale income, on sales to your downline Members, in addition to retail income.

Gold Standard in Consumer Protection

Herbalife supports Members and customers with the Gold Standard for consumer protection, we guarantee;

For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation paid by Herbalife